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Embrace each day as an opportunity to nourish your body, energize your spirit, and sculpt a future of well-being.

This isn’t a Gym

It’s a supportive ecosystem where you decide the kind of life you want to lead and we help you deliver on that promise.

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468 Main Road, Hudson

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Train with Purpose

LIVE fitness stats - view via our app or on the big screen in the studio.

Track heart rate & calories burned.

Earn points.

See your progress.

Boutique Fitness Studio

In the heart of Hudson

Any age. Any goal.

Whether you’re looking to integrate exercise into your daily
routine or meet high-performance athletic goals: we bring together everything you need.

When you train with our team, you tap into decades of global experience, relationships and

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Join us on the road to wellness

Physical and mental fitness go hand-in-hand. That’s why we view wellbeing through a holistic lens. Every training plan we build, goal we set, session we offer and technology we use is geared to support your overall health.

Train Your Way

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Train on your own.
Follow your plan or any of our workouts or classes available in our app.

Train in a small group circuit.
Coach-led D30 or D45 workout sessions.

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Tap into a wealth of knowledge, expertise & technology 

First, we dig deep to get a clear and accurate understanding of where you’re starting from, and where you’d like to go. Then, we bridge complimentary exercise, health and wellbeing services into one powerful plan that helps you move forward.

We draw on decades of industry experience, best-in-class
professionals and leading tech tools to monitor activity in real time, track progress, tweak programs and fuel growth.

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Through leading technology, we’ll track your health in real time, and monitor progress digitally, to drive better outcomes.


Get in Touch

468 Main Road

Hudson, QC J0P 1H0


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Thanks for getting in touch!

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